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We provide full range of data entry and data processing services through our offshore facilities in India. Our data entry and data processing services are ideally suited for high volume data entry applications such as mailing list compilation, data base creation, key from image, key from paper etc. We deliver consistent and accurate data entry services in any format at extremely competitive prices.

You can outsource any of the following types of data processing jobs to us. We assure you of the same high quality work on any type of data entry job:

  • Text, Numeric or Alphanumeric data entry
  • Handwritten or Printed documents data entry
  • Key-from-Image or Key-from-Paper data entry
We guarantee minimum 40% savings on prevailing rates in US.

Some of the data processing applications we process include:

  • Business Directories data entry
  • Yellow Pages data entry
  • Telephone Directories data entry
  • Trade Directories data entry
  • Journal data entry
  • Books Digitization
  • Academic Records data entry
  • Dictionaries data entry
  • Product Manuals data entry
  • Catalog Conversion
  • Back File Conversion

Input / Output format:

We can accept data in nearly any format you have. And similarly, we can deliver data in any format you require. Following are some of the formats we can receive from and deliver to the clients:

  • PDF (Text, Image, Image + Text)
  • TIFF (Including CCITT G4)
  • Microfilm, Microfiche
  • Paper forms
  • Rich Text Format *.RTF
  • Word *.DOC
  • Excel *.XLS
  • Access *.MDB
  • Database .DBF, SQL DB

We can deliver/receive data through any/all of the following methods.

  • FTP Server – when the source data is in digital form (Image, PDF docs etc.), it can be uploaded to our FTP server.
  • Regular Shipping (FedEX, UPS, USPS) – when the source data size is too large (several GBs) for FTP upload, CDs or DVDs can be sent through regular shipping. This method can also be used when the data is in Paper (hardcopy) form.
  • Email – when the source data size is small (20MB). This is used primarily for pilot or trial data.
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